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Pakistan Among Countries with the Highest Content Removal Requests to Facebook

Russia, Pakistan, and Mexico accounted for almost half of global content restrictions out of the 15,826 content restrictions made by Facebook globally during July-December 2019. This is as per the Facebook transparency report.

2300 content items were restricted within Pakistan by Facebook. This is the second highest following Russia with 2900 content items removed during the second half of 2019. Pakistan reported the highest volume of content to Facebook, in the first half.

From the Facebook transparency report, none of the content pieces were removed for violation of its content policies. They were removed under the cybercrime law of Pakistan.

Facebook said, “We restricted access in Pakistan to items reported by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority as allegedly violating local laws prohibiting advocacy against the polio vaccine, blasphemy, anti-judiciary content, proscribed organizations supporting separatism, defamation, and condemnation of the country’s independence.”

As per Facebook during July-December 2019 it restricted access to five content items in response to the private reports of defamation from the Pakistan government.

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Then in January 2019, Facebook got a formal request from PTA to take down two Facebook posts that contained illegal obscenity under Section 37 of the Prevention of Electronic Crime Act (Peca).

However, the content removal requests from the government went down during the period in comparison to the first half of 2019. Facebook suspended 2,009 posts, 140 pages, and groups in Pakistan. 121 items, i.e. 116 posts, and 5 accounts were restricted on Instagram.

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