Pakistan among Best Countries for Social Entrepreneurs


Thomas Reuters Foundation and Deutsche Bank’s CSR Made For Good Global conducted a survey recently, in which Pakistan has improved significantly in becoming one of the best countries for social entrepreneurs. From being at 32nd place in 2016, Pakistan has reached 14th place this year.

The top 10 countries for social entrepreneurs are Canada, Australia, France, Belgium, Singapore, Denmark, Netherlands, Finland, Indonesia, and Chile.

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The USA has dropped to 32nd place this year from 1st place in 2016.

Pakistan scored really well on some of the factors including women’s leadership, ease of accessing investment, etc. The factors Pakistan has fared poorly on is quality of living, access to non-financial assistance, and government support.

In Making a living category, Pakistan has jumped to the 1st place from 30th place.

Pakistan’s ranking on Government support, public understanding, gaining momentum, favorable conditions, non-financial support, sell to business, attracting skilled staff, making a living, access to investment, getting grant funding, sell to government and sell to public was 33, 8, 28, 14, 30, 25, 3, 1, 9, 24, 23, and 10 respectively.

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