Pakistan allows 76 NGOs from around the world to work in Pakistan

At least 76 foreign non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are being allowed by the Interior Ministry of Pakistan to operate in the country.

The details of the all 76 NGOs that are being allowed to work Pakistan were submitted to the Senate of Pakistan by the Interior Ministry.

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As per the details submitted to the Senate, 19 NGOs belonging to the United States, 13 NGOs from the United Kingdom, and 10 NGOs from Germany are operating in Pakistan.

According to a letter written by the Interior Ministry to the Senate, Five NGOs from France, four NGOs from Japan, and three each from Canada, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and Italy are operating in Pakistan.

The details further said that two NGOs from Turkey and one each from Afghanistan, Belgium, Australia, Austria, Ireland, Holland, Qatar, and Kuwait are working in Pakistan, the Interior Ministry told the upper house of the Parliament.

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