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Pakistan All Set to Hire its First Visually-Challenged Judge

A visually-challenged young man and a gold medallist, is all set to be appointed as the first ever-visually challenged judge of Pakistan.

Yousuf Saleem was once halted from becoming a judge owing to his visual impairment. Chief Justice—Mian Saqib Nisar took notice of the case after media reports and instructed the chief justice of Lahore High Court (LHC) to review the case expressing that a person could be a judge even if the individual is visually impaired, provided that the individual meets all the other qualifications.

LHC chief justice and the related committee, after the order of Mian Saqib Nisar, reconsidered Yousuf Saleem as a candidate and suggested him for the position of the civil judge.

Saleem later received a letter of recommendation by the Lahore High Court last week mentioning that he has been recommended for being appointed as the Civil Judge-Cum-Magistrate by the Honourable Examination Committee for Recruitment of District Judiciary and Lahore High Court Establishment.

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Saleem who is a resident of Lahore is a son of a charted accountant, is a brother of four sisters, among them two are also visually impaired.

In an interview with Gulf News, Saleem said that getting the recommendation was the first step towards his dream of becoming a judge. He said that there would be some legal formalities in next few weeks before the official appointment.

Saleem has done LLB (Honours) from the Punjab University and topped the written judiciary exam among six thousand five hundred candidates in 2014. His excellent academic record took him to the interview stage for the position of civil judge. He was among the twenty-one successful candidates but was declined as was visually challenged.

He thanked the chief justice for taking notice of the situation and the chief justice of LHC and the selection committee for reviewing his case and recommending him for the said post.

Saleem aspires to become a Supreme Court judge and wishes to serve the country like the Chief Justice of Pakistan one day.

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