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Pakistan Airspace not to Open Until India De-escalates


Pakistan has denied the request for opening its airspace until India de-escalates, as per the Aviation Secretary—Shahrukh Nusrat to a parliamentary committee.

He told the Senate Standing Committee on Aviation that the government of India approached and asked for opening the airspace. He added that they conveyed their concerns that first India must withdraw its fighter planes placed forward.

The aviation secretary was replying to queries from the members of the committee, who were asking about the profitable and loss-making routes of the Pakistan International Airlines—PIA.

Air Marshal Arshad Malik—the PIA Chief Executive Officer presented to the committee members the details of 7 new routes that had been introduced for earning profits. He also informed that 5 loss-making routes have been closed.

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As per the senior official, the national flag carrier’s revenue had increased by 34percent after saving 20percent on the operational costs, curbing delays, improving cargo services, centralising food procurement and fuel management.

He further said that PIA had saved Rs.35million in the span of 2 months after earning from the excess baggage which was surged up by 11percent and increasing cargo load factor by 55percent.

Air Marshal Malik informed the members that they have also recovered a Boeing 777 and an Airbus A-320 lying isolated for 15 months after the repair work at a cost of $3million. He also informed that now the fleet is strong and that 2 new aircraft would be leased.

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