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Pakistan Airlines, On The Verge of Crisis

The three known airlines in Pakistan, PIA, Shaheen & Airblue are popular for all the wrong reasons.

Why is it that when we sit on a domestic Pakistan airline, we feel insecure? We pray all the way, till the flight lands, to safely reach our destination. True accidents are inevitable, but the number of accidents reported of Pakistan airlines in the past decade is just shocking.

People have died, not because of bad weather or unforeseeable circumstance but because of simple mistakes of the makers and developers of the plane. Faults have been ignored, unsafe planes have been allowed to fly, issues have been overlooked thus accidents have occurred.

Let’s forget all other airlines and talk about the leading airline of Pakistan, PIA. PIA planes in last few years crashed, encountered technical difficulty, caught fire, the engine stopped working, skidded off the runway, overshot landing area of the airport, tires blew up, so on and so forth. So all possible issues that an airline can face, PIA faced them all, more or less. Still, it remains the top airline of Pakistan. Still, it is operational. Still, people prefer using it.


Because what option do we have?  It’s just like the government of Pakistan. You don’t have an option so you keep electing the same tested & failed politicians.

The excuse is always this, what choice do we have?

We have the choice to boycott the airlines in which we feel unsafe to travel. The airlines that have failed us for ages now.

We have the choice to create something better. Don’t we have the best engineers in the world? Why are those engineers working for foreign nations? Why not for their own country?

We have the power to not forgive the airlines that can kill us because of errors they overlooked. Why do we keep forgiving them? Why not take stand against them?

Pakistan Airlines are on the verge of crisis. The recent news that PIA is halting operation in NewYork just tells us that the airline is failing.

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Also, we don’t have a replacement but we do need one. It’s sad that with so much technology and advancement Pakistan does not have a single reputable airline in the country.