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Pakistan Acquires CH-4 Drones in Bulk from China

Chinese CH-4 drones will be deployed by Pakistan along the Line of Control (LOC) to prevent any intrusion from the Eastern border. These are the Chinese version of the American MQ-9 Reaper. This is as per a report.

India has been alarmed on the news of Pakistan acquiring CH-4 drones in bulk from China.

The report further states that there will be a 10 member team led by Brigadier Zafar Iqbal that left for China to finalize some details and begin the procedure of procurement from the Aerospace Long-March International Trade Company (ALIT).

Earlier, Brigadier Iqbal made a visit to China back in December 2019 to monitor the factory acceptance test of CH-4 drones.

It is pertinent to mention here that back in 2018, Pakistan procured the 48 Wing Loong-II drones from China to strengthen its defensive capabilities.

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CH-4 drones have two versions, that are CH-4A and CH-4B. 6 weapons are carried by the CH-4 drone. They have a payload capacity of 345Kgs. These drones can fire air-to-ground missiles from a height of 16,000 feet.

On another note, the national regulator of China has approved Beijing’s production facility for the coronavirus vaccine. The facility which is linked with the China National Biotec Group (Sinopharm) will mass-produce vaccines for the coronavirus.

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