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Pak Suzuki Temporarily Halts Wagon R Bookings

Pak Suzuki is one of the leading auto companies in P. In 2017, the company sold a record number of vehicles, cars & bikes.

Recently a news is circulating that Pak Suzuki has halted the booking of its famous car, Suzuki Wagon R.

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Starting from Feb 1st, 2018, Pak Suzuki has given orders to all its dealers and franchises to stop the bookings of Wagon R.

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It must be noted that this is not a permanent decision, Pak Suzuki has only temporarily suspended the bookings. Furthermore, those customers who have already ordered a car, their booking will be honored and the car will be delivered to them as requested. But from now on till Suzuki issues further, notice Pakistani people will not be able to book a Suzuki Wagon R car.

Now we come to the reason of halting Wagon R bookings. Pak Suzuki has given no reason for this decision but let us look at the possibilities.

Undoubtedly Wagon R is one of the best cars offered by Pak Suzuki. In 2017 it was one of the most popular cars and many units of the car were sold. The reason for halting it could be that there are a huge amount of bookings for the car and the company wants to clear them first before taking further orders.

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If not this, this decision could be a diversion tactic by Pak Suzuki. The company might be altering the attention of people to Suzuki Cultus, the other hatchback. Well, Suzuki Cultus is quite an expensive car in comparison to Wagon R. Many people buy Wagon R because of its affordable range along with great features. Now there is a huge difference between prices of Suzuki Cultus and Wagon R and just halting of Wagon R won’t be enough to divert people to the other car.

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Till now we are discussing a hypothetical scenario. There might be a technical reason due to which Pak Suzuki has halted the bookings of Wagon R. When more info is released, we will keep our readers updated.