Pak Suzuki Jacks Up Car Prices Again

new suzuki cultus 2017

Pak Suzuki has increased its car prices again the minimum increase is Rs35,000 in Swift Variant and the maximum increase is Rs.100,000 in the Cultus AGS variant. A per the new notification, the new price of Cultus VXL is Rs1,970,000, after an increase of Rs70,000 as compared to its old rate of Rs1900000. Similarly, Cultus AGS took a long jump of Rs100,000, as its new rate is Rs 2,130,000, against the old price of Rs2,030,000.

Moreover, the revised price of 1.3L Suzuki Swift Automatic Navigation is Rs 2,210,000, after an increase of Rs35,000 from its old price of Rs 2,175,000.

According to the notification the new prices will be applicable from December 1, 2020. 

VariantsOld PriceNew PriceDifference
Cultus VXL1,900,0001,970,00070,000
Cultus AGS2,030,0002,130,000100,000
Swift AT/NAV2,175,0002,210,00035,000

Earlier Price Hikes by Pak Suzuki: 

Apart from increasing Suzuki bike Prices, the company has already in October, increased its car prices up to Rs42,000. The company had revised the prices of Alto Wagon R and Swift. It is pertinent to mention that the local manufacturers had cited an increase in dollar price as the reason for price hikes, but interestingly the dollar had come down against the Pakistani rupee in the last few weeks.

According to the company’s notification, the new price of Alto VXR and Alto AGS saw a jump of Rs35,000 and now will cost Rs1,433,000 and Rs1,633,000 respectively. Meanwhile, the new price of WagonR VXR was 1,640,000 after an increase of Rs42,000 from its old rate of Rs1,598,000.

In Addition, WagonR VXL now costs Rs1,730,000, as compared to older price Rs1,695,000. Similarly, Swift MT had seen a jump of Rs35,000 and now costs Rs2,030,000, while Swift AT’s new price is Rs2,140,000 after witnessing a hike of Rs35,000. Pak Suzuki has been increasing the prices of cars without any apparent reason, the company argues that the price hike is due to an increase in the USD exchange rate previously, but now the USD exchange rate is dropping. Meanwhile, the company has been recording a loss in sales. As per experts, the company is increasing its prices to cover its losses. 

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