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Pak Suzuki Considering to Build a Second Manufacturing Plant in Karachi

Pak Suzuki is considering to build its second manufacturing plant in Karachi despite the rapid devaluation of rupee against the dollar that has negatively affected the expansion of the manufacturing industry in Pakistan.

It is reported that the new plant will be built near the old one at the Pakistan Steel Industrial Estate.

On the website of the Sindh Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA), the environmental impact assessment (EIA) of the new plant of Pak Suzuki was posted. Considering that Pak Suzuki wants to build another manufacturing plant, it seems positive about future demand for its vehicles.

The new plant will be large in scale. It will have internal road networks and storage units for component parts that are used to assemble vehicles. The plant will occupy a 75.062 acres area. To build the new plant, the parent company of Pak Suzuki, Suzuki Motor Corporation Japan is to invest $450 million.

In its initial stage, the plant will have the capacity to manufacture 120,000 four-wheel vehicles per annum. Later on, the capacity will be increased to 200,000 four-wheel vehicles per annum. 

The Sindh government is still reviewing the environmental impact report. There are many regulatory approvals needed from the government before Pak Suzuki begins working on the establishment of the new plant.

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