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Pak Suzuki and Toyota Motors Reduces Car Delivery Time

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After the government of Pakistan barred the non-filers from purchasing or importing vehicles on July 1st, 2018 the delivery time of new cars has been reduced. The government barred non-filers from the purchase of new vehicles to ensure that non-filers become active taxpayers in the country.

The delivery time between booking and actual receival of the car takes months. Major reason for is it that non-filers used to book cars as well, but since they are barred now, the waiting time of car delivery is reduced.

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Delivery Time of Pak Suzuki’s most popular car Wagon R has been reduced by one month. The previous waiting time for the receival of the car was five months but according to a local newspaper, the time has been reduced to four months. Other cars Pak Suzuki including Cultus, Bolan, and Ravi waiting time remains unchanged to 3 months.

Other than Pak Suzuki, Toyota has also declared that the delivery time of its cars will be reduced since the non-filers are barred from purchasing cars. Revo and Fortuner’s delivery time has been reduced by a month. They were previously delivered to customers within four to five months period.

Though it is encouraging that the delivery time has been reduced of new cars, the non-filers issue is still haunting the automakers in Pakistan. Mr. Ali Asghar Jamali CEO Toyota Indus Motors said that 60% of the car buyers are non-filers. If they are barred from purchasing new cars it will damage the auto industry. The car sales will drop sharply and negatively impact the industry.

An auto company official said, “We are hoping that this restriction is withdrawn by the new government. It’s bizarre that a non-filer can buy a property worth Rs 5 million but can’t buy a car of Rs 1 million.”