Pak Rupee Strengthens Against the US dollar


Pak Rupee has gained strength against the US dollar. The exchange rate of the US dollar weakened by 07 paisa in the interbank. It was traded at Rs155.64 against the closing of Rs 155. 7. This was reported by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).

Furthermore, the SBP reported that the Euro price has appreciated by Rs0.10 in the interbank market. It is now traded at Rs 173.68 against the last closing of Rs 173.58.

The Japanese Yen’s exchange rate weakened by Rs 0.01. It was traded at Rs 1.43 against the last closing of Rs 1.44. Similarly, the exchange rate of the British pound also weakened. It decreased by Rs 0.30. It was traded at Rs 201.22 in comparison to the last closing of Rs 201.52.

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The exchange rates of UAE Dirham and Saudi Riyal remained stable. According to the State Bank of Pakistan, they stood at Rs 42.37 and Rs 41.50 respectively.

Earlier we informed our readers that the Pakistani Rupee will depreciate in the next six-month period against the US dollar. Also, Pakistan is quite confident that the steps it has taken on money laundering and terror-financing will help it in getting removed from the grey list of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

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