Pak Rupee Dips Again Against USD

Pakistani Rupee

In the currency market, the Pakistani rupee depreciated, the dollar rose to 45 paise, the euro also rose, the buying price of the dollar in the interbank market on Tuesday increased by 45 paise from 159.35 to 159.80 and the selling price also increased from 159.45 to 159.90.

In the open market, the dollar rose by 30 paise to Rs 159.70 from Rs 159.40 and the selling price rose by 40 paise to Rs 160.20 from Rs 159.80. Previously, PKR performed well in the last few weeks when it bounced back from Rs.168.88 in August. The rupee is gaining gradually and holds its ground against the dollar, however, it started depreciating again for the past few days.

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