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Pak Navy Rescued Indian Boat Crew Stuck at Sea

The Pakistan Navy provided assistance to an Indian boat which seemingly developed some engine problems nearly eight days back and was lost in the sea as per the reports.

According to a press release issued by the Navy regarding the details of the occurrence, the PNS Alamgir provided help to the Indian fishermen who were travelling in ST Mars. The fishermen were close to running out of the necessary items including food and water after their boat got some engine problems some eight days back. Despite, continuous and repeated appeals for assistance, no Indian boat had visited them for their rescue.

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The Pakistani boat immediately rushed to help the twelve Indian fishermen aboard on ST Mars on humanitarian grounds the moment they got the news of the incident. The Pakistan Navy even provided them with food and medical supplies and also aided the fishermen in repairing their vessel, as confirmed by one of the officials from Pakistan Navy.

The fishermen were deeply thankful to the Pakistan Navy for their aid and support, and in a heartwarming gesture to express their gratitude towards the Pakistan Navy, joined in for chanting the slogans like “Long Live Pakistan” with the Pakistan Navy officials.

The spokesperson of the Pakistan Navy indicated that naval forces of the nation had always been at the lead for the relief and rescue operations at sea.

The spokesperson affirmed in a statement given to the media that alongside the protection of borders, naval forces have always been in the lead to provide relief and rescue to the needy. This particular rescue mission also highlights that Pakistan wants and promotes peace in the region.

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