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Pak-India Tensions, Air Strikes and IAF Pilot’s Capture & Release – All you need to know about it

Power and knowledge. Power allows you to disseminate the knowledge of your choice among masses. To remain in power, will you plot, deceive, manipulate the public? But how much? What is the limit? Or is there no limit? Are you willing to play with innocent lives to remain in power? To win the elections? Are you willing to wage war, just to create belligerent citizens? Proxy Wars as long as your kingdom is protected? But, hey, remember, today we live in a nuclear age. A miscalculation can kill millions. So Dear Mr. Modi, ‘Let Better Sense Prevail’.

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On Tuesday 26th February, India claimed that it has violated Pakistan’s airspace to destroy a major training camp of Jaish-e Mohammad in Balakot.

But the only confirmed victim of the strike a 62-year-old Nooran Shah, a resident of Jaba village said, “They say they wanted to hit some terrorists. What terrorists can you see here?”

Abdur Rasheed, who drives a pickup van around the area said, “It shook everything. No one died. Only some pine trees died, they were cut down. A crow also died.”

Then on Wednesday, 27th February, two Indian Air Force MiG 21 aircraft were shot down by Pakistan Air Force as they tried to again violate Pakistan’s airspace. One pilot Abhinandan Varthaman was captured by Pakistan as his plane crashed on the other side of LoC.

The Indian version of the incident was that Pakistan’s F-16 fighter jet was destroyed by Indian troops. But oh too bad. Pakistan never used F-16 in the operation. So how did it got destroyed? No proofs, just propaganda yet again.

Then Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan announced that as a peace gesture the Indian pilot will be released. Indian media and political manipulators were bowled. They probably thought that this whole plot of creating animosity among Indian and Pakistan public would continue till Indian elections in April, May 2019. They tried calling this gesture by Imran Khan as his weakness. But sane voices were heard on the other side of border as well, who accepted Imran Khan’s generosity and took a neutral stance.

Dear Indians, we do understand your patriotism towards your country. But, calling ‘black’, ‘white’ will not make it ‘white’. Your pilot was returned back safe and sound because Pakistan as a nation wants peace. Now the ball is in your court. Do you want peace?