Pak Govt Increases Airfares for Special Flights from the UAE

Airfares of special flights from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have been increased by Pak government. This has been done following the announcement of reopening of airspace of international flights. The Pakistanis stranded in UAE have been waiting patiently for the resumption of flight operations for over three months. But now the increase in the airfares and its immediate implementation has been a set back for them.

There are over 50,000 Pakistanis that are still waiting patiently to be repatriated from Dubai. This is as per the figures revealed by the Pakistan Consulate Dubai. Also, in a video message Pakistan Consul General to Dubai Ahmed Amjad Ali confirmed that the airfares from emirates have changed.

A notification was issued by Pak government regarding the resumption of international flights from Pakistan.

Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority stated, “All international passengers and chartered flights will be authorised to operate to and from all airports in Pakistan except Gwadar and Turbat.”

However the flights from the UAE did not started yet. PIA increased the airfares from Dubai to Islamabad, Peshawar and Punjab to Dh1,470 (Rs66,700) from Dh1,110 (Rs50,300) for economy class while for business class the ticket price remains same i.e. Dh2,200 (Rs99,800).

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For Karachi repatriation flight, PIA increased ticket Dh270 (Rs12,200) in a ticket. Now the price would be Dh1,270 (Rs57,600) from Dh1,000 (Rs45,300).

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