Pak-China Trade Route (CPEC) is a potential threat to Indian sovereignty: Indian government officials – Research Snipers

Pak-China Trade Route (CPEC) is a potential threat to Indian sovereignty: Indian government officials

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor - Pak-China Trade Route

India is continuously opposing the new Pak-China Trade Route, which is one key source to build strong trade zones between Pakistan and China.

While Pakistan has a strong faith on the successful outcomes of the project, India seems agitated of CPEC. “The CPEC passing through Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir challenges Indian sovereignty,” said the statement was brought to attention when an annual report was submitted to the India Parliament on Wednesday.

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is not only a beneficiary route for the two friendly neighbors, but it could benefit the whole region. On Wednesday, Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif informally told media that 52 countries have shown their interests in benefiting from the trade route. While on his visit to Gwadar, PM Nawaz Sharif also added that Gwadar Port is the gateway to the future trade routes between Pakistan and China.

ValueWalk, a US-based online financial news breaker also reviewed on India’s issues with CPEC. The biggest fear is the internationalization of Kashmir. Experts believe that this new Pak-China trade route would also benefit Kashmir.

In a seminar held in Srinagar, Kashmir, a representative added,”We need to put CPEC beyond India and Pakistan, as this would put Kashmir in the larger South Asia and Central Asia paradigm. Geographically, Kashmir’s economy is closer to Kashgar than Jammu. In general, it is good for us as Kashmiris to be talking to China.”

Where CPEC would create trade zones between different nations and help in building a stronger community, the billion dollar project would also create thousands of jobs for Pakistanis.

The only fear India upholds is losing their control over the proclaimed territory of Kashmir. Kashmir is, however, ready to participate in the multi-billion project. They believe that CPEC is beyond the dispute between the two neighboring countries. If become a part of the project, this trade zone could also benefit India, helping their economy (also) to grow as part of the big project.

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