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Pak Army Successfully Tests an Automatic Grenade Launcher

An automatic grenade launcher has been successfully tested by Pakistan Army. The launcher called PAK-40 has been tested successfully which has further strengthened the defensive capabilities of Pakistan. The uniqueness of this grenade launcher lies in the fact that it is indigenously developed at Pakistan Ordinance Factory (POF).

The weight of PAK-40 is around 41 Kgs. It has a range of 2200 meters. The launcher fires 40mm grenades. It has a radius of 10 meters. It has the capability to fire different types of grenades.

It is also important to mention here that this automatic grenade launcher can function in temperatures ranging from 55C to -24C. This indicates that it can perform effectively in the arduous terrain of the Cholistan desert and the challenging Siachen glacier.

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Furthermore, the launcher can work with night vision and thermal sights. This makes it just the appropriate weapon to use in the military operations at night and unhealthy weather conditions.

Also, PAK-40 can be easily mounted on vehicles or helicopters and it needs a limited team to operate it. So all in all it is a step ahead for the Pak Army and the whole country as the defensive capabilities of the country are just getting better & better.

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