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Painkillers Turned a British Man Gay

A British man claimed that he turned gay after taking painkillers. As per the reports of MailOnline, the British man claimed that he turned gay after he took painkillers when he met with an accident and broke his foot.

Scott Purdy—a twenty-three years old guy was a hot-blooded heterosexual and was the one to enjoy dating women before he started taking Pregabalin, also known as Lyrica.

However, Purdy claimed that he immediately lost his sexual attraction for women and broke up with his girlfriend when he was given the drug earlier this year.

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He said he soon realized that he had developed an attraction to men and had turned gay.

He said that he noticed that his attraction for women kind of subsided and he was willing to get male attention. Purdy further informed that he had been dating his girlfriend for around six months.

He mentioned that earlier in his life he had never been attracted to the same sex. When he was younger he was a little bit curious though, however, a few weeks after he started taking the prescribed drug he felt himself changing and no more found any physical attraction towards his girlfriend.

The British man said that he is unaware of the change taking place in him and he even informed his girlfriend about it.

Pregabalin or Lyrica is one medicine that is given for the treatment of pain associated with brain, epilepsy and generalized anxiety disorder.

Scott Purdy further informed that he is currently talking to a guy and in few weeks’ time he would be paying him a visit. He added that this is what I am presently craving for.

If this effect is actually because of the medicine that I am sure that this is an alarming situation for all, I mean who wants to land up in an entirely different scenario while getting medicinal help for some other problem.

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