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Paid Paternity Leaves Extended to 10 Days

paid paternal leaves

The government of Pakistan has given approval to the extension of paid paternity leaves to 10 days for fathers. This approval was given on Thursday.

The federal minister for human rights gave the approval for the extension in the leaves from seven to ten days. The decision was applauded by the federal secretary—Javeria Agha.

Previously, there was no such thing in the law for paid or unpaid paternity leaves. The Paternity leave is given under the Revised Leave Rules, 1981 in the province of Punjab. Under the law, new fathers were given a maximum of 7 days of paternity leave on or immediately before the child is born.

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In a press release it was said by Ms Agha that the paid paternity leave for new fathers is not a practice that is usually followed in the private sector.

She added that however the government has changed the revised leave Rules, 1981 on the 30th of October 2012 and now a male civil servant could take paternity leave of a maximum of ten days besides his leave account immediately on or after the birth of a child.

It is important to mention here that the leave with full pay could only be availed twice during the complete period of service.

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