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PAF to Receive Mirage 5 Aircraft from Egypt


PAF is to receive Mirage 5 aircraft from the Egyptian Air force. Alan Warne from Asian Military Review tweeted, “The PAF is set to receive a batch of Egyptian Air Force Mirage Vs over the coming months. It’s a deal that has been under negotiation for a couple of years now. But has now been sealed. The bulk will be used to support current fleet but we could see some becoming operational too.”

On Wednesday, the PAF Chief ACM Mujahid Anwar Khan was interviewed at the Air Head Quarters Islamabad.

During the discussion, the JF-17 Block 3 of PAF and 27th February dogfight came under discussion. About the SU-30MKI and the MI-17 helicopter shot down by IAF Alan tweeted:

“The CAS confirmed the Su-30MKI kill in addition to the MiG-21 Bison. Also added that the IAF Mi-17 that was lost was shot down by its own side possibly by a MiG-21, in a ‘red on red’ incident. He reiterated that no PAF F-16 was lost.”

Basically, Warne is an enthusiast in military aviation and has visited over 60 countries to experience different cultures. He has visited Pakistan many a time and also written two books about PAF.

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A French Company Dassault Aviation manufactured the supersonic attack fighter aircraft Mirage 5. In the late 60s, it was developed from the Dassault Mirage III.