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Oxygen Cylinder Prices in Karachi Increases up by 500 percent

oxygen cylinders prices

The prices of the oxygen cylinders in Karachi have surged up by 500 percent.

As per the city residents, there is a shortage in the supply of cylinders in the market owing to which the sellers who have got them are asking higher prices in exchange.

A lot of patients who are infected with the coronavirus develop breathing problems and they require oxygen cylinders.

One of the residents said that the hospitals are in bad shape in Karachi. He further said that if there are cylinders available in the hospital then there is no oxygen and if there is oxygen then the cylinders are highly expensive.

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A small tank of oxygen that used to cost Rs.4,000 is now being sold at Rs.10,000 whereas comparatively bigger cylinders that cost Rs.10,000 are now being sold at Rs.25,000.

As per a dealer, there has been an increase in the prices of the regulators and the pulse oximeters by more than 500 percent. He added that big firms that supply oxygen have intentionally stopped their supply for creating an artificial shortage in the market.

The Oxygen Dealers Association Chairman Niaz Khan said that the plant owners have denied to supply them oxygen as they were meeting the demands of the hospitals. On the other hand, the suppliers have this claim that owing to the coronavirus, cylinders are no more being imported into the nation and that has led to the shortage of the item.

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