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Overtake brings back conventional gaming


VirtualSoftLab debut Overtake which is the company’s first racing game. The gaming studio is relatively new and is from Karachi, Pakistan. They have successfully managed to develop a mobile game. Overtake is a conventional racing game with a nice blend of gameplay and graphics. However, with so many games in the genre already this one fails to standout. Players can game in three different modes which are concerned with the direction of traffic.

One way game mode makes the traffic move in the same direction as the player. Two way can alter traffic direction to anywhere while, Wrong way mode will make it move in the opposite direction to the player. Like every racing game there are a variety of cars and maps to choose from. In the current version there are 8 cars and 5 maps to pick from but the developers have promised to add more in future updates. There are some glitches subjected to coding bugs which we hope are removed soon. The name of the game is Overtake so it’s bound to have traffic as the biggest hurdle. It is very old-school in its gameplay.

Overtake will get better with more updates

The accelerometer is used to control the direction of the vehicle. It uses the basic feature of brakes and reverse gears in times of need. A similar spec related to “Need For Speed” is the nitrous boost function which helps the car get more speed in a short span of time. The basic gist is to navigate through the traffic without damaging the car. It provides two alternate camera modes for better vision. There are 15 achievements in the game which are unlocked upon different experience points. Overtake has in-app purchases which are used to upgrade cars. Users can earn credits by watching ads or by interacting with the developer’s online presence.

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If you’re interested in giving the game a go then download it from Google PlayStore. VirtualSoftLab is developing the iOs and windows mobile version of the game as well.

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