Overseas Pakistanis investments must be encouraged and protected by the government—BMP – Research Snipers

Overseas Pakistanis investments must be encouraged and protected by the government—BMP

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A think tank in Chambers of Commerce “The Businessmen Panel (BMP) urged the new government to take special measures for overseas Pakistanis in order to facilitate, engage and encourage their investments in Pakistan and protect their rights in the country, it would increase foreign investment in Pakistan and foreign reserves.

In Islamabad, a joint statement was issued by the Businessmen panel (BMP) on Sunday urging the new government under Imran Khan’s leadership as a prime minister, the BMP hopes that the new government would take effective measures to address the challenges in the economy and reduce the current trade deficit of the country in particular.

The joint statement was issued by BMP Chairman, Vice Chairman, Chairman Capital area, Chairman KP, Chairman Baluchistan, Chairman Punjab, Chairman Sindh, and BMP Secretary General Federal Capital.

The BMP official recognized the challenges as big for the new Prime Minister Imran Khan, but with the support of the nation and sincere & efficient policies, all these challenges could be addressed.

The BMP said there is a need for an urgent restructuring of the ministry of commerce as well as Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) in order to strengthen the national trade diplomacy which could achieve comprehensive trade targets for the country.

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The BMP also said that they would like to strengthen their trade relationships with China particularly focusing on China—Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) related projects. However, equal attention should be paid to uplift the country and eradicate poverty.

The BMP also suggested the Prime Minister focus on country’s inefficient state-owned organizations and make them autonomous under the leadership of the specialized board of management. This step could uplift the condition of state-owned organizations and bring them back to stand on their feet and support the national exchequer.