Overseas Pakistanis contribution in dams fund is Rs1 billion so far

Dam Donation

According to the data revealed by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) Overseas Pakistanis have contributed Rs1 billion so far in “The Supreme Court of Pakistan and the Prime Minister of Pakistan’s collective initiative Mohmand and Diamer-Bhasha dams Fund.

According to the figures until December 6, 2018 a total of Rs8.46 billion was collected from the local and overseas Pakistanis, out of which Rs0.99 billion was receivedfrom the overseas Pakistanis and Rs7.47 billion was contributed by localindividuals and institutions.

The dams fund was initially launched by the Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar, the Prime Minister Imran Khan joined the fund later making it a joint effort in order to raise funding and eliminate the water scarcity from Pakistan.

The Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed overseas Pakistanis on media and called upon the need of their contribution which Pakistan needed in the difficult times, he urged Pakistanis living in various countries especially European countries should contribute at least $1000 per head after his address Pakistanis took part it dams fund quite fervently.

A few days ago the CJP has also visited the UK for fundraiser dinner where he met affluent and influential Pakistanis and asked to contribute in the country’s development, healso informed gathering that Pakistan needs $14 billion to construct DiamerBhasha dam.

Pakistani living in the United States contributed the most in dams fund with Rs362 million and Pakistani living in the UK also contributed a handsome amount of donation with Rs214 million. Pakistanis living in Canada contributed Rs107 million. Pakistan requires much more funding in order to build the dams then what has been received in donations so far, the contributions of expats, local individuals and organizations are very welcomed by the Prime Minister and CJP of Pakistan.

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