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Overseas Pakistanis can Vote in General Elections 2018?

National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA)  is working on developing an online voting system, after the green signal given by the Supreme Court. Through this system, seven million Pakistanis living abroad will be able to vote in the upcoming General Elections of Pakistan.

As per National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) a three-tier electronic mechanism will be developed. It will be called Internet Voting System for Overseas Pakistanis. It will be created in four months time and almost Rs150 million will be spent on it. ECP will be providing the funds for this mega project.

Voter registration & verification, procedures for casting votes, result compilation and audit will be included in the three-tier internet voting mechanism.

When the online web portal will be developed, voters residing overseas will register themselves. They will be registered as overseas voters as per the plan. When users will enter this portal they will enter their Nicop (National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis) and other necessary details.

The verification of the voter will be done after the registration. It will be done through NADRA databases, ECP, and relative passport departments. Also via secret questions related to the family tree of every voter, registration will be further verified.

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Once the registration and verification are done, the voter will be interviewed via electronic channels. Election Commission representatives will conduct the interview. If the interview is successful then finally the voter’s  ‘successful registration email’ will be generated by the system. Then overseas voters will be given voter ID for the election day.

If the system is up & running by the time General Elections 2018 occur,  overseas Pakistanis will be able to play a role in Pakistan’s politics. For whatsoever reason, they are living abroad, there are many who want to see their country grow and they want to play their respective part in it. So here is the chance. If you are in Pakistan you must vote for your favorite and if you are not, hope that this system is operational in due time and then cast your vote.