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Overcome Energy Deficit In Pakistan – Oil, Gas & Energy Conference

The power crisis in Pakistan cries for the government and concerned authorities to take notice. The experts have repeatedly suggested the country to look for economical alternative and green energy to cover up the energy deficit. This notion was reinforced on the 13th International Conference for Oil, Gas and Energy Industry POGEE 2017.

This conference was held at Karachi Expo Centre. Shahjahan Mirza who is the Managing Director, Private Power and Infrastructure Board, discussed that Pakistan has the ability to generate over 100,000 MW power. Clean energy available by sunlight and air corridors can be used for the production of energy in the country. He was optimistic that the load-shedding issue would be resolved in the county in the next few years. Power plants projects are in developmental stage that would aid in improving energy issue in the country.

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From the Sindh Department of alternative Energy, Dr Iftikhar Ahmed spoke in the conference. He informed that Sindh has ability to produce 55,000 MW through wind energy, 130 MW from hydropower and 10,000 MW through solar power.

Director Projects on Coal Power, Ali Nawaz told about the present energy crisis we are going through. He said that Pakistan is facing a shortfall of 7,000 megawatt energy and it is rapidly increasing by 7 to 8 per cent per annum. He also said that by this speed it would reach over 10,000 MW by 2020.

Chinese exhibitors were also part of this conference. They stressed on solutions of the energy problem. They have offered cheaper power as the solution of energy deficit in the country.  Also they said that there are many alternative options for Pakistan to overcome its power shortage.  Shen Hua of MHPS DongFang Ltd said that there company can work with Pakistan in aiding the country find solutions to the energy problem. The suggestion is that Pakistan should opt for cheaper wind energy or solar power for energy generation.

Image via: Spearhead Research