Over a million of bad apps were blocked by Google Play during last year

We often get to see the Play Store get hits for removing new apps and developers from the platform. But the case isn’t just that; it restrains bad actors from coming into the market. As we observe the situation from this side, we can really get to know that these blocked accounts happen because of a bad communication problem. To clarify these issues, Google has generated a report on its restrictions on bad actors and apps for the year 2022.

How many apps were blocked by the platform?

As per information via the company’s blog, 1.43 million aps were removed from the platform that were violating the policies in order to appear on the Play Store. Google stated that its increased security and high-end policies have led to a huge number of apps appearing on the platform. Along with that, 173,000 accounts were suspended, with a claim of preventing $2 billion in fraudulent transactions. To restrain any non-resourceful developer from entering the platform, it will ask for verification via phone, email, or any other method.

As Google has tightened its policies, it has blocked 500,000 existing apps from the platform due to their unnecessary privacy permissions. Following all these blockages, the platform tends to help the developers progress. The latest SDK will help developers with their apps regarding any inconvenient data sharing practices.

Over the course of the last few years, the platform has made efforts to keep its Android users in a safer environment. The company has conditioned the apps to update their APIs in order to prevent any blockages from entering the platform. as they are unable to keep working with old and unsafe APIs.

Following these high-term security demands, a data safety section was introduced to the platform last year. This section is for the developers to clarify the need for your personal data, along with the statement that would clarify its sharing with any other source. This step was criticized by Mozilla, as it stated that the developers could put statements of their choice in the section without a proper check. However, it’s clarified to be a step that will make privacy terms easier to understand.

With all of this, there are also some users that are removed from the platform without any reason, for which the platform needs to put in quite a lot of work. In terms of putting forth and requesting the removal of an app from the platform, the company is quite unreachable. The only chance or attention it gets from the company is through outrage on social media among its followers.