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Over 600 Pakistani Girls Sold as Brides to the Chinese nationals


As many as 629 Pakistani girls have been sold as brides to the Chinese nationals, as revealed by the list in possession of the Associated Press. The list of all the girls and women trafficked to China as brides in the last couple of years was compiled by the Pak investigators.

Back in June 2019, the scandal of Pak brides being sold to Chinese nationals came into light. Initially, it was revealed that traffickers lured poor girls into contract marriages to move them to China. Later it was revealed that these girls were brutally tortured and forced into prostitution.

Many Chinese nationals were arrested once all this went viral both on social media and mainstream media. The government claimed that it is a major breakthrough against the traffickers and alleged that these operations have stopped in Pakistan.

According to one of the investigators, the whole drive against these Chinese traffickers was halted because the government was not willing to upset the Chinese government.

This argument was further supported when in October 2019, 31 Chinese nationals were acquitted by a Faisalabad court. These Chinese were arrested on trafficking charges and that incident was not reported. The court released them on the pretext of a lack of evidence against them.

There were many Christian women who were arrested from these traffickers but they did not testify in the court. Either these women were threatened or bribed into silence.

A Christian activist Saleem Iqbal claims that even the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is under pressure against pursuing these investigations.

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Media, relevant authorities and even the victims have been silenced, which in itself speaks volumes.

Earlier due to this trafficking crime, the visas were withheld of 90 Pakistani brides. Visas were requested by almost 140 Chinese nationals to the embassy in 2019.

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