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Over 500,000 Pakistani Workers needed in Romania

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Ambassador of Romania to Pakistan Nicolae Goia met the Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development Zulfikar Bukhari to discuss issues related to mutual interests. He said that Romania wants to import 500,000 workers from Pakistan.

In the meeting, the export of workers to Romania from Pakistan was discussed and it was agreed that a safe and secure mechanism much be devised to migrate Pakistani workers to Romania.

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Romanian Ambassador told SAPM about the recent developments that have taken place in the country and the scenario that will shape up post-Britain exiting the EU.

The ambassador said that Romania needs workers and it can import one million skilled and unskilled employees by next year. He said that Romania needs at least 40,000 drivers and the maximum number can be accommodated from Pakistan. Along with this Romania needs specialized doctors, engineers, construction workers, and IT experts.

Zulfikar Bukhari disclosed that Pakistan is working with Germany to export skilled labor according to the 2020 vision of the country. Germany vowed to import experts in robotics and quantum mechanics from Pakistan.

Furthermore, Bukhari said that they are focused on skills development in Pakistani labor. In order to invest in the vocational training institutes, the donor agencies are onboard.  The workforce would be equipped with modern technological expertise in order to meet the global labor market demands.