Over 40 Companies Apply to Join Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

2 more cities

More than 40 companies have shown interest in joining the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. The Naya Pakistan scheme by Prime Minister Imran Khan aims to build five million affordable houses. These houses will be given to the underprivileged, poor people who are in need of it.

Now according to a report around 41 private firms have applied and sent proposals to the Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF) to join the scheme. The companies want to become a partner in the Housing Program.

FGEHF was basically asked to take proposals from companies interested to join the venture having a land bank. The goal was to come with a public-private joint venture.

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For this purpose, advertisements were given in the national newspapers. Private national and international companies were invited to submit proposals. Those companies were asked to apply who had a piece of land that didn’t have any issues. Also, it was mentioned in the ad that the companies should have land on the main road or near to the main road with access to electricity, gas and other utilities.

So far 41 national and international companies have applied.

FGEHF officials said,  “We cannot say anything about the proposals as it is too early because the same proposals would be assessed according to the parameters given in the advertisement.”

Director General FGEHF Sajid Manzoor Asadi said, “The bids would be scrutinized thoroughly in technical committee, evaluation committee, and steering committee while a final approval or disapproval in this regard would be granted by the Executive Board of FGEHF.”

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