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Over 11m Workers left Pakistan since 1971


Since 1971, over 11 million Pakistanis have left Pakistan. In order to pursue employment elsewhere, these Pakistanis left their own native land, as per the Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment’s emigration statistics.

According to the report 11,052,663 workers registered for overseas employment with the bureau from 1971 to November 2019.

The report revealed that 4.2 million were laborers out of the 11 million people that left Pakistan. In 2019 only, 217,499 laborers left Pakistan till November.

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Following laborers, it is 1.3m drivers who left Pakistan since 1971. Only in 2019, 161,226 drivers left Pakistan for better opportunities overseas.

The least amount of shift was in the profession of photographers as only 1949 photographers left Pakistan in the last five decades.

If we categorize manpower exports in terms of skilled, unskilled, and highly qualified labor, 4.7m are skilled, 4.6, are unskilled while 220,000 are ‘highly qualified’.

Since 1971, there has been a steady rise in the emigration of Pakistani workers. From 2015 to 2018 there were three consecutive years of decline and then it started picking up pace again.

According to the statistics, the ratio of manpower exports has risen sharply in the last year. In the said period 563,018 Pakistanis left Pakistan.

For Pakistani workers seeking employment the most popular destination was Saudi Arabia. Since 1971, 5.4m Pakistanis registered as employees in Saudi Arabia. In 2019, Saudi Arabia took the most number of Pakistanis, i.e. 294,156. Following Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates hosted 3.8m Pakistanis and Oman stood third.

In terms of provinces, Punjab saw the largest outflow of workers since 1971 i.e. 5.3m. Followed by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, and Azad Kashmir.

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