Over 0.231 million Cars Produced in Pakistan in FY 2017-18

According to PBS the fiscal year 2017-18, the car and jeep production increased by 21.35% compared to the production in the same period, previous fiscal year. During July-June (2017-18) 231,138 jeeps and cars were produced compared to 190,466 units during the July-June (2016-17). 21.35% growth was witnessed.

During the period 2017-18 29,055 light commercial vehicles (LCVs) were produced compared to 24,265 units in 2016-17, witnessing an increase of 19.74%.

During the period 2017-18, 2,825,073 motorcycles were produced compared to 2,500,650 units last year, witnessing a growth of 12.97%.

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Trucks production in the above mentioned period increased by 19.13% from 7,712 units in 2016-17 to 9,187 units in 2017-18.

The production of buses went down by 29.87%. In 2016-17 the 1,118 units were manufactured while 784 units were produced in 2017-18.

On year-on-year basis jeeps and cars, production jumped by 40.90% during June 2018 compared to June 2017. During June 2018 16,234 jeeps and cars were manufactured compared to 11,522 units during June 2017

Motorcycles production increased by 6.81% and LCVs production increased by 40.28%. Production of tractors increased to 4,523 units in June 2018 from 3,926 units in June 2017, witnessing a 15.21% growth. Similarly, the production of trucks increased to 643 units in June 2018 from 608 units in June 2017, witnessing a growth of 5.76%. Buses production fell by 6.67% to 70 units from 75 units. Overall the Large Scale Manufacturing Industries (LSMI) saw growth of 5.38%. 13.24% growth was witnessed in indices monitored by Oil Companies Advisory Committee (OCAC) along with 5.04% growth in Ministry of Industries monitored products and 1.17% growth in the Provincial Bureaus of Statistics (PBOS).

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