Outlook for iOS gets Microsoft Notepad with the latest update

Microsoft is now launching the “Microsoft Editor” writing tool in the Outlook app for iOS with a new update. The tool can eliminate spelling mistakes and give tips on writing style – adapted to personal speeches or business emails. Microsoft announced last year that the app development team is working to bring the Microsoft editor feature to the Outlook iOS client.

Now the time has come, with the latest update the editor can start, it will be released to all users with immediate effect. The company kept its word and eventually integrated the feature into Microsoft Outlook for iOS. The update brings the new version number 4.2215.0 and is available immediately Available on the Apple App Store Now if you’re curious, you can download the free app. As always, existing users will receive the update automatically.

Feature updates without further changes

We’ve added the release notes at the end of the post. According to Microsoft, the only change is the launch of Microsoft Notepad in the Outlook application for iPhone. The editor should be a useful and powerful tool, especially on the iPhone, because writing emails on the smartphone is a big challenge for many users. The editor recognizes spelling and grammar errors and thus offers only a practical application. There are also suggestions for the writing style, so that emails are always professional, even if they are written quickly on the smartphone. The editor gradually learns so that the style also fits the occasion and his own writing style.

Release Notes Microsoft Outlook for iOS 4.2215.0

  • The Microsoft Notepad feature is available through a feature update with version number 4.2215.0. The update is rolling out to all Outlook users on iOS.

The update has the following additional description: “Now Outlook can help you spot those annoying little typos that sometimes creep in when you write with your thumb. Microsoft Editor gives you suggestions for spelling, grammar, and writing style so you can e-mail reliably. write emails from your smartphone.” The fact that Microsoft is now thwarting the feature for iOS devices was actually long overdue. The editor was presented more than two years ago.