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Ostrich Meat Outlet Opened in Faisalabad

In Faisalabad, an outlet has been opened that is to sell the ostrich meat. This outlet is one of its kind opened ever in the history of Faisalabad. The outlet would be providing the pure and hygienic meat of ostriches to the people.

As per a spokesperson of the livestock department Dr Saliha Gull—the Livestock Director has inaugurated the outlet at the Sitiana Road where the ostrich meat would be available on per day basis.

He informed that ostrich meat is extensively rick in Omega III, B-6, B-12, Vit E and insulin and has been declared as a useful protein for the heart, muscles, joints and bones.

The spokesperson further informed that the ostrich meat is free of cholesterol and controls the blood pressure and diabetes in humans. He urged the people especially the ones suffering from diabetes to incorporate the use of ostrich meat in their diets.

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Throughout Punjab, ostriches are farmed on a commercial basis in many farms for their feathers, meat and hide. The meat is very similar in taste and appearance to mutton, however, it contains little content of cholesterol and fat, and could provide a solution to the country’s ever-rising need of protein-containing meat in mid of the increasing prices of the beef, chicken, mutton, etc.

In Punjab, ostrich is considered a part of the livestock now and is becoming widely famous because of its scrumptious taste and multiple health advantages. Pakistan has got the perfect climatic conditions for the ostrich farming along with sufficient manpower, infrastructure and feed that is less pricey than other nations.

Many people are seriously engaged in ostrich farming and have taken it as a business. The inspiration for investing in this sector came via the livestock exhibitions.

In present times, the government has taken many steps to encourage the growth of the sector, but, awareness and more efforts are required to convert the ostrich farming into a good profit generating business.

Farmers complained that although ostrich has been declared as a livestock, but no veterinary help has been provided to the ostrich farmers as was provided to others in the livestock business.

Additionally, the government of Punjab has provided rupees ten thousand subsidies per ostrich to the farmers and in 2017 over 10,000 ostriches have been registered in Punjab.

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