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Orders for the Evacuation of Famous ‘Gola Ganda’ Street—Dhoraji, Karachi

Every Karachiite has experienced and tasted the famous ‘gola ganda’ and ‘gol gappa’ from the roadside carts at Dhoraji Society. Sindh High Court (SHC) has recently ordered the police to get the public road empty from these unlicensed violations.

Justice Irfan Saadat Khan ordered the SHO Bahadurabad police for submitting a report once the task is done, which must surely be done before the next hearing, the date for which would be notified later.

The court took this decision on the plea of the residents of the Dhoraji society who complained about their inconveniences because of these illegal carts, the count of which is approximately forty or so.

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The residents further told the court that the carts are present at various locations of the society and they do not even have any legal permits from the concerned authorities for conducting their small businesses. These stalls attract customers resulting in road jams and travel difficulties.

The difficulty is caused both by the carts and the customers who also park their cars on the roadside. Majorly the road where most of these stalls are present is a heavy traffic road so it results in causing traffic jams. The court was requested to take some action by the locality residents, hence the court ordered the police and local authorities for the road’s evacuation.

Justice Khan mentioned that Dhoraji attracts customers from the whole Karachi, still if it’s hindering the normal life of residents then it cannot be allowed.

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Every Karachiite is a fan of ‘Dhoraji ka gola ganda’, so let us just hope that may the stall holders be accommodated and provided some legal decent space so that we could continue blessing our tummies with the cold-sweet treats.