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Orange Line Metro Train Arrives in Lahore

Orange line train, another mega project which was started as a joint project between the government of China and Pakistan, back in 2014, is swiftly heading towards its completion stage. The first shipment of the Orange Line Metro Train along with three coaches and two engines has arrived in Lahore, Pakistan. The launch of the train will be today as per an official of Punjab Mass Transit Authority.

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It was anticipated that the project backed by the Chinese Exim Bank against a soft financing of 1.55 billion US dollars would finish by the last half of the year 2019. However, the authorities in Lahore are working hard to finish the Orange Line Metro train Project till December this year. Almost 72% of the construction work is finished as per Chief Minister and Orange Line Metro Train Steering Committee Chairman Khawaja Ahmad Hassan.

A Chinese company has been given the contract of 12 stations of package-1 along with 15 stations of package-II. It is expected that Lahore Metro will transport 250,000 travelers per day.

Orange Line Train Project is financed by CPEC. It will be the most modern and innovative rail-based mass rapid transit system. It will be completely automated and driverless system. After Lahore Metro Bus, this is Lahore’s second rapid transit line.

Orange Line is the first rail line of the three proposed rail lines. The line will be 27.1 km long. 1.72 km will be underground, 25.4 km is to be elevated and 0.7 km will be in between elevated and underground sections.

According to a proposal submitted by Norinco (China North Industries Corporation) in January 2015, the operation of the Orange line train would be run under the joint supervision of China Railways and Norinco for the period of first five years and the infrastructure of the said is claimed to have a life of about 100 years. However, it’s very unfortunate that the construction till now has resulted in a loss of lives of 50 individuals.