Optional Update Starts For Windows 10 21H2

windows 10 update

Microsoft has added a non-security-relevant update for Windows 10. These are the December Patch Day preview and the final optional update for this year. It is also the first update for Windows 10 21H2.

The new update, marked as optional, starts for users of Windows 10 versions 2004, 20H2, 21H1, and 21H2. It is the first update that Microsoft has released for the recently released Windows 10 21H2. These users in particular can look forward to a number of bug fixes from the final release version. This update fixes a number of issues, including crashes and app errors. These are non-security updates. The previews or optional updates correspond to the advanced versions of Windows that were previously released as C updates. The bug fixes contained therein will – if nothing comes up – be automatically distributed to all users on Patch Day in December.

If you would already benefit from the bug fixes and would like to do so now, you can already obtain the update. It is offered as an optional update via the Windows update function. You have to search for it yourself in the settings via “Optional Updates” so that it can be loaded and installed.

Several changes in the preview

However, Microsoft does not start the distribution in one fell swoop, as it does with the security updates. The update is managed under KB number KB5007253. As usual, information on this can be found in the Knowledge Base. With this update, the Windows team is testing various bug fixes and improvements. The list of changes is very long, we have translated the most important bug fixes and changes that Microsoft has announced as highlights for you:

Improvements and fixes

Adds various non-security enhancements. This non-security update contains quality improvements. The main changes include:

  • Updates an issue that causes some variable fonts to not display correctly.
  • Updates an issue that could cause the 32-bit version of Microsoft Excel to stop working on certain devices when you export to PDF.
  • Updates an issue where letters or characters are displayed at the wrong angle when using the Meiryo UI font and other vertical fonts. These fonts are widely used in Japan, China, and other countries in Asia.
  • Updates an issue that causes Internet Explorer to stop working when you use the Input Method Editor (IME) to paste items.
  • Updates an issue that causes the settings page to close unexpectedly after uninstalling a font.
  • Updates an issue affecting the ability to rename a file from Folder View in File Explorer when using the new Japanese IME.
  • Updates an issue that disables screen recording and recording features in the Windows Game Bar after a service error.
  • Updates an issue that prevents frequently used applications from displaying correctly in the Start menu.
  • Updates an issue that causes Internet Explorer to stop working.