OPPO will introduce its own SoC next year

Batteries and thermals of smartphones limit the performance of a smartphone. They need to be backed by specialized hardware that can carry out heavy tasks. The hardware like MariSilicon X ISP and MariSilicon Y Bluetooth chip. However, these are merely partial solutions.

Several smartphone companies have introduced their own chips along with their flagship smartphones. They tend to do so to achieve more control over the computational models and processing of their high-end devices. In this short piece, we will discuss about the company OPPO, its future plans, and current strategies.

OPPO has previously introduced its own NPU. It was introduced as MariSilicon X. alongside this NPU, the company has introduced a connectivity chip as well. The connectivity chip is named MariSilicon Y. besides this, the company lacks a true SoC, unique to OPPO.

An official of MediaTek unveiled that Oppo wants to keep its competitive advantage intact. The recent information came out at a foreign investment forum in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Furthermore, a piece of information from an insider source claims that the company has already taped out its own unique chip. It will be presented to the market in 2024.

In electronics language, taping out is a term that refers to the design process for integrated circuits. So, the above-mentioned information suggests that the Guangdong maker has already completed the design process. It seems like the product is all set to be manufactured.

Currently, a conference is ongoing in Hsinchu. It is a city in northwestern Taiwan. The place where TSMC has set up its headquarters. Well, it is unsure whether the two companies merge or not. Some previous reports indicated that OPPO has approximately invested CNY 10 billion (about $1.4 billion) in its integrated circuit design centers across China. The centers are located in Beijing, Shenzhen, and Shanghai.