OPPO shuts down its chip division

In December 2022, the Chinese company OPPO announced the establishment of an in-house chip design unit. Some rumors also indicated that the company hired several engineers to work on OPPO’s future chipsets. Even some reports suggested that the company will unveil its first smartphone with an in-house chipset in 2024.

As o, we have come across something shocking from OPPO. Reportedly, the company is going to close down its chip division. It suggests that the company is no longer able to support the Chinese government’s initiative to become self-supporting in the semiconductor sector.

Chinese media reports that Oppo has announced the closure of Zeku, OPPO’s chip design division. As per the media report, the company has declared this move as a tough decision. However, the company detailed that the decision was made as a result of the “uncertainties in the global economy and smartphone market.”

Zeku from Oppo once worked as a fabless semiconductor designer. If the company had successfully created a chip, Samsung Foundry or other industry leaders in the semiconductor industry, including TSMC, could have produced the final product. Samsung Foundry may have lost a potential customer now that Oppo has lost interest in producing phone processors.

OPPO is leaving the European market

In addition to this, recently some rumors emerged that indicated that OPPO is slowly leaving the European market. It could be because of the patent disputes with Nokia. However, there are no solid pieces of evidence about it since the company has denied it. Furthermore, the company might have left France already. Some reports even suggest that OPPO retail stores in France has not received the newly introduced flagships.