Oppo Releases Official ColorOS 11 For Oppo Ace 2 Series

ColorOS 11

In following up the Android 11 major version experience, the ColorOS team has always been in the first echelon of the industry, Oppo Find X2 already received the update earlier. The series launched ColorOS 11 based on the official version of Android 11, becoming the first domestic manufacturer to provide the official version of Android 11 experience.

It is understood that ColorOS 11 based on the official version of Android 11 brings users a personalization engine.” Users cannot only customize common wallpapers, ringtones, and icons but also use system functions to create personally featured screen animation and pleasant ringtones.

In addition, smoothness and security have also been further improved in ColorOS 11. Thanks to the low-level optimization and the brand-new “anti-stuttering engine”, ColorOS 11 makes full use of hardware resources to improve frame rate stability and system response speed again; and combines “permission authorization” and “automatic recovery of idle permissions” And other functions and the new “sandbox mechanism” of Andoroid11, system security has also reached a new level.

Faced with the advent of the 5G and IoT era, ColorOS has also taken the lead in the layout, opening up APP, data, and equipment, bringing a more seamless operating experience.

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