Oppo Find N2 Flip will be the first device to receive ColorOS 14

Oppo has rolled out the latest version of its OS in selected regions. Reportedly, the company has rolled out the beta version of ColorOS 14. The stable version will be first introduced to the Oppo Find N2 Flip in mid-November. In this short piece, we will uncover the details of the new OS.

The updated Trinity Engine

First, let’s talk about the updated Trinity Engine. On a common phone, ROM Vitalization can save up to 20GB of storage by compressing app and file data. RAM Vitalization replaces Android’s RAM system with a more capable one, particularly concerning maintaining applications running in the background in RAM. CPU Vitalization, the third and last part, strikes a balance between the chipset’s performance and power consumption.

The latest version of ColorOS has a Smart Charging system that adjusts the charging current based on the type of use of the phone using an AI algorithm. This is meant to lessen the deterioration of batteries. An option under the name Picture Keeper can be found among several other privacy features. It improves security since users can restrict certain photos and videos from being accessed by setting a permission gate. Several humans and animals can now be cropped out of a picture or still frame using Smart Image Matting.

The new Smart Touch

It can be used to select images, text, and videos from native as well as other apps. All the collected media can then be found in the File Dock, which is similar to a clipboard. Interestingly, File Dock can be synced among ColorOS devices. Furthermore, for easy access to Snapchat, the shortcut for the app can be placed on the lock screen.

Aqua dynamic panel

The UI has been improved with some new elements. It has been named Aqua Dynamic Design, which is a collection of standard bubbles, capsules, and panels that emerge from the status bar to display functionality with the least amount of disturbance. Moreover, the Aquamorgraphic Colouring system is also visible on the status bar and on-screen content. It changes color with the different times of the day. The Always On Display showcases a new Go Green style. The Bitmoji stickers keep updating throughout the day based on the user’s activity, weather, location, and others.

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