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Opening Of Sialkot Business And Trade Center Next Month

A joint venture between the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) and SMEDA is in its launching phase. It is a trade project called Sialkot Business and Trade Center. It is a megaproject in Sialkot which would cost around Rs. 332 million. It is expected that the trade center would be inaugurated next month.

Per year Sialkot earns the US $ 2 billion by selling merchandise to the customers. With the construction of the trade center, not just the economic activity in the city would increase, but the local manufacturers can also benefit from it. The trade center would provide the domestic market an opportunity to flourish in a cultured manner.

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Work was being done on this project for almost eight years. Such delay in its construction was due to limitation of funds. Now finally it will be launched, with eight-storey and one library being part of the center. The people and government of Sialkot are extremely hopeful about this project.

Sialkot is famous for its sports goods, surgical instruments, and leather merchandise. It was important that the city is recognized and encouraged for its strengths. This trade center would provide the right kind of exposure to the Sialkot business industry. President of SCCI Mr. Majid Raza Bhutta also acknowledged this effort. He said that providing all commodities in a single-center would create a systematic system for both the consumers and the sellers. People would find what they want in a single place which is a huge achievement.

Recently Pakistan has been acknowledged as an emerging market by MSCI, further progress would enhance Pakistan’s global position. It would create a positive image of the city and the whole country around the world.

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