Only 56% Women in Rural Areas have CNICs


Punjab Commission on Status of Women conducted a survey in Punjab rural areas. It was revealed that only 56% young women in rural Punjab have there Computerized National Identity Cards (CNIC).

In comparison to rural areas in urban areas as well only 64% women of 18 years of age and above have their CNICs. In Punjab, 41% of women were issued CNICs in comparison to 59% of men.

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69% of young women voted in general elections of 2018 in comparison to 32% women in 2013.   During the year 2010 to 2018, 69% of political participation has been noted. Out of this 39% of women were aware of political parties and 9% were active members of these parties.

The survey further noted that 62% of young women use mobile phones in Punjab. 34% has computer literacy and 21% of young women have internet access. Out of this 82 % participate in social media forums.

In the survey, it was stressed that NADRA should try an end the gender gap in CNICs and voter registration by initiating campaigns most importantly in high schools and colleges.

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