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Only 54percent Women in Rural Punjab Have ID Cards

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Recently it is revealed that only 54percent women in rural Punjab have got CNICs ( computerized national identity cards).

This reports regarding the status of females having ID cards was disclosed in a survey report conducted by the Punjab commission.

According to the report, 54percent of the women in Punjab have their CNICs made, where the remaining percentage of women are unaware of it.

Whereas in the urban areas 64percent of the women who are of the age of 18 or above have their CNICs made.

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The overall data indicated that the percentage of ID cards issued to men were far more than that were issued to women.

The survey report also indicated that the ratio of women who took part in the general elections in 2018 was 69percent which was twice more than that in 2013 elections which was 32percent.

In fact, around 39percent of the women in the rural areas are aware of the political parties and nearly 1.9% of them are those who actively take part in political activities.

In the other section of the survey report, it is mentioned that 62percent of young women uses cell phones in Punjab in comparison to the urban areas where 71percent women use them approximately.

It was also revealed that 82percent of the women are proper active social media users. 34percent of them have got proper computer literacy and only 21percent have proper internet access.

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