Only 11% of Listed Companies in Pakistan have a Female Director


50% of listed companies in Pakistan do not have women directors on their boards. This is sad and alarming that there is a limited number of female executives on senior positions in firms in Pakistan.

Around 30% of the KSE-100 companies do not have a female director. It is disturbing, to say the least, that just 11% of the companies that are listed at the Pakistan Stock Exchange have a female representative on their board of directors. This was stated in a survey released by the Women on Board Pakistan.

Women on Board is a self-funded initiative of professionals. They are volunteers working tirelessly to make sure that diversity is accepted and recognized as an essential component of corporate performance.

The survey that was taken for the year 2019 looked at a total of 547 listed companies. 50 of these companies did not have any record. 29% of the companies in Pakistan Business Council and 41% at the PSX do not have any female director, as per the survey.

In 2019, the total number of directors reduced marginally to 3852. This was a slight just 0.44% drop compared to 2016. On the other hand, the total number of women directors registered has increased by 22.5% from 351 in 2016 to 430 in 2019.

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The survey stated, “There were 185 companies having women directors in 2016 and the number increased to 289 in 2019. Similarly, 208 companies still exist in 2019 without female representation on their boards of directors. The number of such companies in 2016 stood at 320.”

There is just one company in Pakistan presently that has 6 female directors. There is no company with 5 female directors, 13 with 4 women directors and 26 with 3 female directors.

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