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Online Election Portal launched in Pakistan: TDEA—FAFEN

The Trust for Democratic Education and Accountability—Free and Fair Election Network (TDEA—FAFEN) has launched Pakistan’s most comprehensive informative online election portal in Pakistan named “” during the ceremony in Islamabad on Wednesday.

According to TDEA—FAFEN the major objective of launching a portal of this kind is to provide comprehensive information to the users regarding elections, there is no such place as yet where users can get all the relevant information regarding elections in Pakistan. There is a huge information gap in this domain which the organization has observed, the online election portal will serve this purpose by providing users with latest and up-to-date information with accuracy and credibility. TDEA—FAFEN has digitized the voluminous elections data which is now available to users on the website.

The users would be able to draw the analysis of the election data on their own using the information available on the portal, they will also be able to examine and cross-check the candidates, access statistical data, access information regarding constituencies and other reports and publications related to elections.

Moreover, the portal has comprehensive data of National and provincial assemblies from 1970 to-date, including by-elections. The portal also provides historical information about political parties, their alliances, boycotts etc. The portal provides the complete list of contestants since 1970, users can easily search the records of more than 62,506 candidates.

There is much more to the portal, including the records of 7,300 unique constituencies of National as well as provincial assemblies. Historical timelines and information related to individual constituencies can be searched and accessed on the portal. The portal also has information related to vote-shift, top political parties, registered voters, their turnout and geographical clustering. From now on, the portal will keep the records of future elections and improve data gathering for the time being.

This is the first of its kind election portal in Pakistan which would spread information among masses, TDEA—FAFEN’s CEO while addressing the launching ceremony said there is a dire need for the use of technology, transparency in democracy, we are working to make it possible for the country.