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Online Bakra Mandi Business Fails

Fortunately or unfortunately Pakistanis are not attracted by online bakra mandis. As everything around us has become digitalized, online sale of sacrificial animals was also established which failed to attract Pakistani buyers. They want to go and buy animals in the market instead of online. So the business is completely down of online bakra mandis.

Many websites have popped up as we near Eid Ul Azha from Bakra Online’ to ‘Qurbani Online’, offering not just deal for sale of animals but also delivery options. Still, customers are not appealed towards the offers.

“People do not trust online marketing of sacrificial animals. Our website could not sell more than 50 animals last year and the same situation is prevailing this year,” a spokesperson from Bakra online confirmed. He further said, “It is just the start and people are getting information gradually about the business.”

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“It is a general trend that people visit animal markets with their children and friends not only to buy sacrificial animals but also to enjoy time with the kids,” he said.

Qurbani Online Owner Muhammad Ali said that most of the animals sold through their website are not used for sacrifice, they are placed at display centers. Other than this only overseas Pakistani use the site to buy animals for Sadqa, Aqeqa and Qurbani.

The trend of online buying of animals is unsuccessful till now but we cannot say anything about future. People might start opting for easier methods of buying animals online instead of visiting markets, which would be quite sad. Let’s hope things don’t come to that, as there is still some fun and excitement in buying the animal by going to the market yourself.