OnePlus Open promo videos displays its design & features

OnePlus has released two promo videos for its very first foldable smartphone, the OnePlus Open. One of the promo videos displays the features of the device, whereas the other one displays the design of the device.

Promo videos of OnePlus open displays design and features of device

The first promo video focuses on the design of a device that is kind of self-explanatory. The duration of the video is set to 40 seconds. You can view the phone’s design in the video. However, the other video is about two minutes long. This video displays the device’s design and its features in a very cinematic manner. This video also displays the software features of the device that are part of OxygenOS.

In this video, the phone’s primary display and cameras are also highlighted. Since the phone can charge at 67W and comes with a charger, OnePlus also emphasizes quick charging on the gadget.

OPPO Find N3 is the twin brother of the OnePlus Open

Although OPPO, OnePlus’ sibling business, has been producing foldables for years, the OnePlus Open may have been the firm’s first foldable. This phone and the OPPO Find N3, which was also released yesterday, have the exact same design.

The phone is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC, and its back has three incredibly powerful cameras. The color science of Hasselblad is also included in the image. Here, two of the brightest 120Hz monitors in the business are being used. They have a brightness of up to 2,800 nits. In terms of specifications, this phone delivers a lot more; it’s possibly the best-equipped foldable smartphone available.

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