OnePlus 8T With 12GB RAM Appears On Geekbench Launching October 14

OnePlus 8T

The upcoming OnePlus 8T has now shown itself for the first time on the Geekbench benchmark, with 12GB RAM and Snapdragon 865.

The new flagship got 3,843 points in single-core and 11,714 points in multi-core. Don’t be surprised, the values ​​were obtained with Geekbench 4, so the values ​​are slightly higher than if they had been measured with the nine Geekbench 5.

Three important specs are confirmed here again. The OnePlus 8T will appear out-of-the-box with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, 12GB RAM, and Android 11.

The model there is called “KB2000“. This is probably one of several model variants of the new flagship. Because there will probably also be a OnePlus 8T with 8GB of RAM. On October 14 we know more because then the new OnePlus 8T will be presented.